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New In-Depth Cybersecurity Report From Association of Corporate Counsel

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has released their key findings and the full report from their 2020 STATE OF CYBERSECURITY REPORT: AN IN-HOUSE PERSPECTIVE. The study was conducted between April and May of 2020, and was composed of a target audience of ACC members in various legal department roles.

The study covered an expanse of the legal landscape across 20 industries, 36 countries and 568 legal departments. Prior to this years report, the last two editions were in 2015 and 2018 respectively. While the key findings of the report are free and available to the public in the form of a downloadable PDF, the full report is only available via purchase.

On the associations of corporate counsel’s website, they stress the importance behind the report stating “Cybersecurity touches every aspect of consumer and corporate culture today. Preventing, preparing for and responding to data breaches in real time is a chief concern for individuals, corporate leaders and government regulators.”

The key findings from the report are bucketed across five areas:

  1. The Legal Department’s Role in Cybersecurity
  2. Policies and Practices
  3. Risk Management
  4. Breach and Incident Experience
  5. Working with Government and Law Enforcement

You can download the key findings HERE which break down each of the five segments with high level takeaways backed by a brief explanation and reasoning behind the insight. For the full in-depth report you will need to purchase a copy from ACC which can be found HERE.

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