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Repario identifies and collects ESI from enterprise and personal devices and accounts in a verifiable, defensible manner that preserves valuable metadata.


Repario investigates computer activity to identify critical information, including whether and how data has been used, hidden, deleted or misappropriated.


Our digital forensic experts explain electronic evidence challenges, review technical expert reports and assist during depositions and cross-examination of opposing ESI and computer forensic experts. We offer a unique blend of digital forensic and legal experience to help you develop a focused, winning strategy.


Repario’s team of expert witnesses routinely testify in trials, hearings, and arbitrations. We communicate our findings in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that finders of fact understand technical concepts that are crucial to your case.

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Tailored Forensic & Investigation Services

Forensic Imaging & ESI Collection

Forensic Imaging & ESI Collection

Verifiable Collections – Repario can verifiably collect electronic storage devices and accounts in a forensically sound manner to best maintain evidentiary chain of custody, reducing your risks and costs.

Smooth Process – Repario’s digital forensics team has imaged thousands of ESI storage devices and collected terabytes of data in a matter of days without our clients missing a beat. Our team performs these tasks with laser focus so you can focus on your business operations.

Lightning Response – Repario can deploy a digital forensics rapid response team that quickly can be deployed to handle rush collection needs. We often can deploy our solutions remotely, reducing turn-around time and travel costs.



Proven Track Record – Repario successfully has performed thousands of digital forensic investigations for law firms, publicly traded companies, private organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and individuals. Our digital forensic experts have decades of experience figuring out what happened when and how on a vast array of electronic storage devices and accounts.

Clear Communication & Testimony – Repario prides itself on taking simplifying highly technical concepts and communicating them clearly. Our digital forensic experts routinely testify in hearings, trials and other proceedings at the federal and state levels.

Diverse Expertise – With thousands of digital forensic investigations under our belt, Repario has wide-ranging investigative experience in matters including bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal defense, data privacy, employment, evidence spoliation, family law, government subpoenas, insider data theft, intellectual property, M&A, personal injury and securities fraud.

Forensic Neutrals

Forensic Neutrals

Increased Efficiency – Rather than multiple parties all retaining their own digital forensic experts, using Repario can enhance efficiency as a forensic neutral, providing a mechanism for cost sharing and facilitating agreements to reasonable protocols. Using Repario as a digital forensic neutral can streamline discovery and reduce needless expense.

Enhanced Confidentiality – As a digital forensic neutral, Repario can act as a buffer between parties to protect highly confidential data and ensure proper implementation of discovery protocols. Repario further facilitates discovery by bringing professional detachment to heated disputes, reducing tension while ensuring discovery compliance.

Neutral Expertise – Repario’s lead forensic neutral is a former AmLaw 100 litigation partner who served as a judicial clerk for a federal court of appeals judge. We have a deep understanding and appreciation for the value of neutrality, and can help guide a fair, transparent evidentiary process.

Expert Consulting & Testimony

Expert Consulting & Testimony

Deep Expertise – Repario has a deep bench of expert digital forensic consultants who can assist with a wide range of needs, including planning defensible data collections, developing forensic protocols, assessing opposing evidence collections, evaluating potential evidence spoliation, assisting with deposition and trial preparation, and advising regarding best practices.

Trial Tested – Repario’s digital forensic experts routinely testify in arbitrations and in federal and state court hearings and trials, both through well-reasoned affidavits and in-person testimony. Repario maintains credibility by being conservative in our opinions, and we draw upon our deep understanding of legal technology to communicate facts clearly and persuasively.

Speaking Your Language – Repario employs digital forensic experts who are familiar with the challenges you face, including senior management with deep legal and technical expertise. Simply put, we speak your language because not only because we have worked with our clients for decades, but because we have stood in your shoes.

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Your eDiscovery Questions - Answered

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that involves the collection, recovery, and investigation of data found on devices and accounts that store electronic data. Common devices that are the subject of digital forensic analysis include servers, personal computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, email accounts, social media accounts, web-based storage accounts, wearable technology, and Internet connected devices (Internet of Things), among others. The terms “computer forensics” and “digital forensics” often are used interchangeably. Because experts in our industry routinely work with many device types other than computers, as well as electronic storage accounts, digital forensics more accurately captures the modern scope of expertise.

Forensic collection is the process of collecting electronically stored information in a verifiable manner. Forensic imaging is a subset of forensic collection, which involves creating exact, verifiable copies of data stored on hard drives and other electronic storage devices. In the case of computer hard drives, forensic images are bit-for-bit copies of all data stored on such drives. For smart phones, forensic images are verifiable copies of the maximal amount of data supported for copying by the associated phone models and operating systems, and as such are more accurately referred to as forensic collections.

Common examples of digital forensic services include: (a) data collection, in which digital forensics experts verifiably collect files and associated metadata; (b) digital forensic investigations regarding what data exists, its authenticity, and the nature and timing of its use; (c) evidence spoliation analysis to determine whether, when and to what extent important evidence has been destroyed; and (d) digital forensic consulting regarding best practices for collecting ESI, analysis of other digital forensics experts’ opinions and helping attorneys navigate electronic evidence challenges.

Clients hire outside computer forensic experts instead of using internal personnel for many reasons, including: (a) to collect and investigate ESI using tools requiring specialized expertise; (b) ensuring that key data fully is collected without alteration; (c) allowing in-house IT personnel to focus on core operational roles; (d) retaining a resource experienced in communicating highly technical concepts in an easily understandable manner; (e) minimizing legal risk by engaging a reputable third-party expert; and (f) making sure the best team is working on your important matters.