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Doctor WHO Did WHAT?

TL;DR: The BBC has decided to cease using AI for promoting “Doctor Who” following viewer complaints about its trial use for drafting promotional content.

Summary: The BBC experimented with AI technology to create text for promotional emails and mobile notifications for “Doctor Who,” intending to enhance marketing efficiency. However, after facing complaints from the audience, the corporation announced on its complaints website that it has no plans to use AI for future “Doctor Who” promotions. Despite following BBC’s editorial compliance processes and ensuring the final text was approved by marketing team members, the decision marks a significant shift from previous statements by BBC Head of Media Inventory, David Housden, who had initially supported the use of generative AI in marketing.

Importance: This move highlights the growing concerns and debates surrounding the use of AI in the creative and marketing sectors. It reflects a broader industry conversation about the ethical and practical implications of AI, especially in areas traditionally reliant on human creativity and insight. The BBC’s decision could influence how other organizations approach the use of AI for similar purposes, emphasizing the need for sensitivity to audience perceptions and the potential impact on brand and content promotion.


LA Unified School District Introduces “Ed” for Accelerated Learning

TL;DR: Los Angeles Unified School District introduces “Ed,” an AI-based learning acceleration platform aimed at enhancing student achievement by providing personalized resources and support.

Summary: Launched on March 21, 2024, by Los Angeles Unified and AllHere, “Ed” represents a pioneering step in educational technology, offering students and families at selected schools a digital platform for personalized learning plans. This initiative is backed by Artificial Intelligence to analyze students’ data, like grades and attendance, and recommend specific resources, activities, and support. “Ed” combines interoperability, personalized learning activities, targeted alerts, progress monitoring, multilingual capabilities, and adaptive intelligence to provide a comprehensive educational tool. The platform, developed in partnership with AllHere, aims to complement educators’ efforts, engage students in digital citizenship, and ensure equitable access to education through technology.

Importance: “Ed” sets a new precedent for integrating AI in education, focusing on personalized learning and student support beyond the classroom. It reflects Los Angeles Unified’s commitment to leveraging technology for educational equity and innovation. The platform’s development and deployment underscore the potential of AI to transform education by tailoring learning experiences to individual needs, fostering engagement, and improving outcomes.


European Parliament Passes Artificial Intelligence Act

TL;DR: The European Parliament has passed the Artificial Intelligence Act, setting strict regulations for AI. The Act has faced criticism for potentially stifling creativity and innovation.

Summary: On March 13, 2024, the European Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, aiming to safeguard fundamental rights and democracy against high-risk AI applications, while promoting innovation. The Act, receiving broad support, outlines clear bans on certain AI uses like emotion recognition and social scoring, and sets stringent conditions for law enforcement’s use of biometric identification. It also introduces obligations for high-risk AI systems to ensure transparency, accuracy, and human oversight. Additionally, the Act encourages innovation and support for SMEs through regulatory sandboxes. Despite its intentions, the Act has been criticized for potentially hindering technological creativity and innovation.

Importance: This legislation represents a significant step in regulating AI technologies, balancing the need for innovation with the protection of individual rights and societal values. However, the debate around its impact on innovation underscores the challenge of legislating emerging technologies. The Act’s success in fostering a safe and innovative AI landscape in Europe will be closely watched and could serve as a model—or a cautionary tale—for global AI regulation.



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