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Dive into the world of legal tech with Harvard’s latest innovation, aiming to make millions of court decisions accessible with a click. Explore Purdue’s new online AI master’s program, crafted for both the brains behind AI and those steering its future applications. And, get the scoop on Apple’s M3 MacBook Air, hailed as the zenith of consumer AI capabilities, all set to redefine tech norms. It’s all here, read all about it!!!


Harvard Law School Launches Open Legal AI Workbench

TL;DR: The Open Legal AI Workbench (OLAW) has been announced as a new framework aimed at innovating legal AI tools and interfaces to help close the justice gap, making legal resources more accessible to the public.

Summary: This initiative targets the significant issue of low-income Americans lacking sufficient legal assistance by providing a common framework for developing and testing new legal AI interfaces. OLAW is designed to be a simple, extensible platform for legal AI research, enabling the creation of services that combine tool-based retrieval with augmented generation. Although still under development, OLAW aims to facilitate experimentation in the legal tech and open-source AI communities, encouraging feedback and collaboration.

Why This Matters: OLAW’s development is a critical step toward democratizing legal assistance and resources, potentially transforming how people access legal information and address their legal issues. By providing a framework for experimentation, OLAW could lead to significant advancements in legal AI tools, making legal advice more accessible and helping to bridge the justice gap. This initiative not only supports academic and nonprofit research in the legal field but also invites broader participation in exploring effective and equitable legal AI applications.


Purdue Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

TL;DR: Purdue University has introduced a 100% online Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree with two tracks aimed at AI builders and AI users, addressing the AI skills gap in the workforce.

Summary: The new interdisciplinary AI master’s program at Purdue is designed for working professionals, offering specialized paths for those developing AI technologies and business leaders implementing AI solutions. The curriculum includes foundational AI concepts, ethics, and practical applications, with a focus on addressing the significant AI skills shortage identified by executives and job market analyses.

Why This Matters:

This program meets the urgent need for skilled AI professionals by providing comprehensive training for both the technical aspects of AI development and its strategic application in business settings. It exemplifies Purdue’s commitment to interdisciplinary learning and addressing workforce demands in the rapidly evolving AI field.

For more information and to apply, visit Purdue University’s program webpage.


New Macbook “AIr”

TL;DR: Apple has proclaimed its new M3 MacBook Air as “the world’s best consumer laptop for AI,” highlighting its powerful AI capabilities ahead of WWDC 2024.

Summary: Apple’s press release for the M3 MacBook Air makes a bold assertion, branding it the top AI consumer laptop, thanks to its enhanced 16-core Neural Engine and CPU/GPU accelerators. This upgrade is aimed at augmenting on-device machine learning, thereby improving productivity and creativity through advanced AI features.

Why This Matters:

This move signifies Apple’s deep dive into artificial intelligence, offering users robust AI functionalities directly on their devices, alongside support for cloud-based AI applications. It underscores a strategic pivot towards integrating AI more comprehensively into Apple’s ecosystem, hinting at future innovations in AI from the tech giant.



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