Repario Demonstrates Exceptional eDiscovery Expertise in High-Profile Bank Fraud Case


Topeka, KS, 4/30/24 – Repario’s eDiscovery Contribution Leads to Breakthrough in Complex Fraud Case  

Source: Repario Demonstrates Exceptional eDiscovery Expertise in High-Profile Bank Fraud Case | Business Wire

Repario, a leading provider of eDiscovery services, proudly announces its pivotal role in a high-profile bank fraud investigation. Partnering with Central National Bank, Repario played a critical role in uncovering a multimillion-dollar fraud scheme, leading to a federal indictment and conviction. This case serves as a testament to Repario’s commitment to delivering immediate value and strengthening its position as a trusted eDiscovery partner in the financial sector.

Case Summary

In November 2020, Central National Bank faced a daunting challenge. The bank discovered a $2,700,000 fraud scheme perpetrated by a loan customer, requiring extensive investigation over several years. The complexity of the case demanded sophisticated eDiscovery techniques to uncover vital evidence.

A Partnership Yielding Tangible Justice

The collaborative efforts of Repario and Central National Bank resulted in significant legal consequences for the perpetrator. “Their dedication and expertise first resulted in Mr. Smith serving 150 days in jail for civil contempt. The ultimate result was a guilty plea, a $2,800,000 restitution order, and a significant federal prison sentence for Mr. Smith,” said Michael R. Munson, General Counsel at Central National Bank.

Repario not only excels in technological prowess but also in its holistic approach to client challenges. “Not many companies have all three, but Repario is uniquely positioned to be able to bring the people, processes, and technology together to drive objective-based outcomes for our clients. We are glad that justice has been served,” stated Gabe Wiechman, Shareholder and Vice President at Repario, highlighting the Repario’s unique ability to blend human expertise with technological innovation for outstanding results.

Setting a New Standard in eDiscovery for Banks and Customer Success

“Repario was the critical partner in our investigation,” said Sara E. Girard, Central National Bank President and CEO. “Their eDiscovery services uncovered the evidence that led to FBI involvement, a federal indictment, and guilty plea. The Repario team was highly skilled and professional, and they were able to analyze an extensive volume of data with accurate filtering that provided relevant information quickly. Repario’s eDiscovery cracked this case and led to a resolution that would have never occurred without their assistance.”

“The outcome would likely have been much different without the high-quality, professional service they provided. We want to extend our thanks to the entire Repario team for the exceptional work that ensured justice was served, in a case that was very important to our financial institution,” said Munson.

About Repario

Repario is a global provider of eDiscovery, investigation, information governance, and managed review services. With a track record of assisting high-profile clients in complex legal situations, Repario continues to establish itself as a beacon of reliability and innovation in legal technology solutions.

About Central National Bank

Central National Bank offers financing options for new projects, such as home equity lines of credit, personal checking and savings accounts, and auto loans. Central National Bank has locations in 22 Kansas and Nebraska communities.

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