Server2021 Relativity Update Rolls Out And Brings Impactful Improvements For Modus Clients


Repario was created through the integration of Teris, Elijah, Meta-e, and Modus by an experienced team with a shared vision for a renewed market focus on client-centered service.

Modus rolled out the Server2021 Relativity update, and that means some good things arrived for our clients. Below check out some of the new updates that our clients are enjoying!

Relativity Server 2021 Upgrade Highlights

Document Preview Panel

The new Document Preview panel lets you see the content of a single document from the document list so you can quickly QC documents and production images without jumping into the full coding process. You can also see a new set of documents after changing a search or get a quick glance, so you know what to expect.

Field Categories

The new Field Categories feature allows you to quickly access the desired fields when adding conditions in the Search Panel. Once a Field Category has been created, you can link it to multiple fields. You can then select the Field Category when adding conditions in the Search Panel, making the process of selecting fields and using them to apply conditions more efficient and accurate.

Short Message Filtering (RSMF)

Short Message Filtering allows you to quickly locate and investigate messages leveraging the following data dimensions: conversations, participants, events, and dates. Once you select a filter, the Viewer only displays messages that meet the specified criteria.

PDF Creation

Mass PDF operation is an agent-based application that resolves many of the stability, performance, and scalability limitations of the legacy Save as PDF functionality. The new PDF application has new functionalities such as a new PDF profile, a new progress bar, error reporting, and new content options.

Family-based review in Active learning

Prioritized Review gives you the option to review family documents (optimized for email and attachments) together. When Include Family is enabled, Active Learning serves documents with their family documents to reviewers. All family documents included in the index are served to the reviewer, including documents that were previously coded.

Other Categories

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