Upcoming Innovative & Virtual EDiscovery & Legal Tech Conferences (Fall 2021)


Events and conferences can be a great resource for further developing your career, whether it be your goal is building your network, furthering your industry-specific education, or any number of other motivators. One benefit or byproduct of the shift towards more remote work across the legal industry is the increased number of online events, webinars, educational resources, and digital content being produced.

The beauty of this is that no matter where you are, there is an option for you. Whether you are new to your profession or decades in, at this point in time it seems as though there is a community for you to engage with, contribute to, and learn from. In the spirit of accessibility for everyone, the virtual conferences selected below are completely free to attendees.

Relativity Fest

Dates: Oct 4-6, 2021
Event Type: Virtual
Focus: eDiscovery, Information Governance, & Compliance
Cost: Free
Provided By: Relativity
Learn More: https://relativityfest.com/



Dates: Sep 28, 2021
Event Type: Virtual
Focus: eDiscovery, Legal Technology, & Innovation
Cost: Free
Provided By: Zapproved
Learn More: https://zapproved.com/prex-ediscovery-conference/



Dates: Sep 13-15, 2021
Event Type: Virtual
Focus: eDiscovery, Privacy, Legal Technology, & Forensics
Cost: Free
Provided By: Exterro
Learn More: https://www.exterro.com/infusion-21


Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption: SOLID

Dates: October 7-8, 2021
Event Type: Virtual
Focus: eDiscovery, Legal Innovation & Disruption
Cost: Free
Provided By: SOLID & The Cowen Group
Learn More: https://www.solid.legal/

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