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“This merger unites some of the industry’s most prestigious thought and service leaders, creating a powerhouse team that can provide unparalleled, end-to-end eDiscovery solutions.”

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"Responsiveness is excellent and even though I know we're not their biggest client, they treat us like we are."

Law Department COO Of Automotive Parts Manufacturer​

"They are good people that do good work."

Partner At Boutique Litigation Firm

"They know us and our work. They get our projects completed quickly and with a personal touch."

Head Of Practice Support At AmLaw 125

"They are highly innovative and created a forensic process that enabled us to avoid certain types of litigation. they are unbelievably responsive and work very well with our custodians and IT."

General Counsel At Major Insurance Company​

"They are experts in eDiscovery and we trust them with full access to our systems."

Head Of Litigation At Online Auto Retailer​

"We trust them more than any other third party."

Chief Legal Officer, International Consumer Products Company​

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Navigating Enterprise Data: Tips for Corporate Data Mapping

Maximizing the Use of Social Media Data in eDiscovery

The Benefits of Collecting Native Files during Discovery

The team spent a year developing a bespoke, repeatable, global workflow focused on client satisfaction, quality, and work-life balance that allows our experts to focus their talents on consulting and core client needs. Our mission, a happy team and satisfied clients, was the driving force behind each of these strategies.

-TJ Collins, President & COO

Repario | End-to End eDiscovery

Repario is a trusted global eDiscovery service provider, with a strong reputation for providing end-to-end solutions to navigate the complex world of electronic discovery. Our experienced professionals and state-of-the-art technology enable us to deliver accurate, secure, and timely results, while our client-centered approach ensures that we exceed expectations every time.

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